There are a few items everyone who gives a hoot about their appearance should have in their closet. Even if you only give a small hoot, these are things you’re going to be very happy with.


Whether I just woke up and want to do groceries in my pj’s or I’m extremely overdressed for brunch with the girls (as one does), the one thing that will make you feel like you have your life together are big, boujee sunglasses. A brand you may have seen more than on one of mt #OOTD’s is Polette. They’re a French online optician that has grown ridiculously in a short amount of time and therefor (luckily for me and you) ended up in Amsterdam. Polette designs all their frames themselves so their collection consists of an ideal mix between the classics and trend focussed glasses. This way you can pick an item for every mood, every outfit and every occasion. Which you literally can as the sunnies are su-per affordable. Did I not mention that yet? Oh yeah, Polette glasses are ridiculously affordable and they still manage to manufacture amazing quality. So you won’t have to have a stare down with your credit card or your conscious any longer when you’re shamelessly ordering these babies. I mean, technically you’re saving money by buying more affordable items. Right?

Most of my wardrobe consists of black. Black makes me feel powerful, very put together and it’s fit for every occasion. You can do no wrong with black. Same goes for my sunnies. Big, black sunglasses are always a good idea, which is why they’re a must in my wardrobe. And they should be a must in yours as well. Not that I’m trying to tell you how to live your life, but I kind of am.

Now once in a while, I’ll get a feeling that I need to wear more color. It may be a ray of sunshine, it may be one too many episodes of old school Gossip Girl (all hail Queen B), but occasionally I’ll give into that feeling.

What is most important when shopping for sunnies is finding the right fit for the shape of your face. I have a square shaped face and a five head to consider when looking for glasses, so I always go for oversized. Always. Big squared frames or a cat-eye are usually a recipe for succes. A square shaped face usually has strong defined angles in the forehead, cheek and jawline. If you have the same (sorta) shape as I do, you can get away with a lot of frames. From a John Lennon style to a cat-eye, you can most likely pull it off. The only but I need to mention is, make sure the glasses big enough. I have a larger than life average sized head. Not hating, just stating. So regular sized glasses can look ridiculous on me and regular oversized glasses are just, you guessed it, regular. Luckily, I could shop my big head heart out at Polette as they have frames fit for all shapes and sizes and find frames that were oversized, even for me.

There are 3 more ‘main’ face shapes (of course there are a million different faces, but these are the main shapes they may be a tool in shopping for glasses). Oval, which has narrow features and a chin that is slighter smaller than the forehead. If you have an oval shaped you’ll probably like a wayfarer or aviator style.

Round, which has a soft, circular shape where the width and length are almost equal. With a round face, oversized rectangular frames will look great on you. Just make sure they fit your face (believe me, I know the struggle).

Heart Shaped, which is defined by a broader forehead and narrower jawline and chin. You can go for a cat-eye or a wayfarer as well, those frames will match perfectly.

Now let me state, you can wear whatever you like and you will look bomb with whatever you pick, as long as you’re happy and comfortable with your choices. These ‘rules’ are in no way rules of life, they’re just here as a tool.

I’ve linked a few of my Polette sunnies below, so you

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